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Robert Mulder combines photography, journalism and writing. He prefers thematic projects. Mulder’s main interest lies in the politics, development, religions and cultures of the countries he visits. He focuses on in-depth reporting, seeking out  the background and history which have led up to events which may sometimes hit the world’s headlines but often remain concealed to outside observers, attempting to follow through over a longer time span.

In the past 40 years his travels have taken him to all continents and practically every Asian country, though he has mainly concentrated on depicting developments in Bangladesh, China, Vietnam and Burma. He has also published photo-stories as part of a long-term project on Religions and Rituals.

In collaboration with fellow journalist Lejo Siepe, a study of the life of Alexander Aronson – a Jewish Dutch aid worker in Iraq who was hanged by Sadam Hussein – and the re-traveling and describing of the first Crusade resulted in two books, radio programs and publications.

From around 2000 he focused more on topics in Europe and his home base in Groningen: Religion, the consequences of World War I and II. This resulted in various exhibitions related to the Jewish community in Groningen and religion in Groningen in general and a book about Jewish cemeteries in the province of Groningen.

In 2012 he worked for a few months in Paris, where he re-photographed a hundred locations photographed by Eugene Atget around 1915. The result was a long-term project that resulted in successful photo albums from Groningen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague: ‘Greetings from Amsterdam’, ‘Rotterdam’ etc. One hundred photos of a hundred years of changes in the city.

Throughout his career, he was a photo teacher. Initially in institutions and in recent years in his photo collective.




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