In 2006, the relief organization “Medecins du Monde” / “Doctors of the World” started a campaign in response to “Forgotten Disasters”. For this a publication was made with a selection of 34 photographs by International photographers, including Reza, Gary Knight, Stanley Greene, Eric Bouvet. One of my photos of Rohingya refugees was also included in the selection.

The idea originated and was first presented in Perpignan during ‘Visa pour l’image’, International Festival of Photojournalism. A traveling ‘Dark Room’ was created in which the photos were displayed in development trays. This traveling exhibition was at various central locations in Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Stockholm, Antwerp and other places including Amsterdam on the Museumplein, the station of Utrecht and the station of The Hague. I became the spokesperson for the Dutch office of  ‘Doctors of the World’