During the Vietnam War around 30.000 children were born out of relations between US soldiers and Vietnamese women. After the war ended in 1975 relations between the USA and Vietnam were cut off and the fathers, who intended to reunite with their children were unable to do this and started a new life. The children were a danger for the mothers and most of them lived in the street and on beaches. In 1988 a black veteran named Rogers started a foundation called ‘Faces’ and made publicity in the USA. Between 1989 and 1991 almost all Amerasians, partly with their mothers, emigrated to the USA under the ‘Homecoming Act’, a chapter from the Immigration Law.The children on the photographs were living in the small park around Dai Lo street in former Saigon or inland in the neighbourhood of former American military bases like Ban me Thuot. Prostitution, drugs and theft were common.They were eager to be photographed, hoping to be recognized by the fathers.

My website has been regularly visited in recent years by Vietnam veterans, who thought they recognized their possible child in one of the photos.